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Sporotrichosis in cats

I remembered during my first year student I went to the vet's clinic to send a cat with cutaneous lesions everywhere in his body for treatment. I found the cat stays in my hostel nearby and felt sorry for his condition. The vet told me that this cat having sporothrix and it is very contagious to human and cats with cutaneous lesions. She need to euthanize the cat immediately; no treatment can be done since the cat was very ill. I was crying my heart out when I saw the needle straight away poke his abdomen and 5 minutes later the cat were gone. It was my first experience seeing a cat die not by nature way.

Today (year 3) my tutor mentioned about sporothrix and this reminds me to that poor cat


Sporothrix schenckii

Cat with sporotrichosis infection (note the lesions)

Sporothrix schenckii is a fungus that has the potential to infect the skin, respiratory system, bones and sometimes the brain, causing a diseased state called sporotrichosis. Infection is caused by the virtually ubiquitous dimorphic (mold and yeast) fungus, S. schenckii, which typically infects via direct inoculation - that is, through abrasions of the skin or by inhalation.

The origin of the fungus is environmental; it is naturally found in soil, plants and sphagnum moss, but it can be communicated zoonotically between different animal species, and between animals and humans.

Conidiophores and conidia of S. schenckii
Conidiophores and conidia of S. schenckii.

In dogs, it is believed that the fungus enters through a puncture wound from a stick or thorn. In cats, it is thought to be transmitted from a scratch or bite from a cat that has contaminated claws or teeth. Humans have become infected through coming in contact with the open, draining sores on infected cats.

Cats tend to experience a severe form of cutaneous sporotrichosis, making them an even greater risk for transmitting the infection to other animals and people. In cats, intact male cats that roam outdoors and fight are predisposed to puncture wounds, which then offer an advantageous route for S. schenckii to enter the body. The infection may also be spread by other cats, often through scratches to the skin.

In cats, the lesions often occur on the head, legs, and tail which are the same locations as most cat bites. The cat bites may abscess and turn into lesions that will not heal and that ulcerate and drain. Cats generally have more of the fungal organisms in the draining fluids and are thus more likely to transmit the disease to humans. Some cats may become systemically sick and develop fevers, loss of appetite, and become lethargic.

sporotrichosis nodules in a cat

In humans, sporotrichosis is more common on the fingers, hands, or face - locations where the person may have had an open wound and come into contact with an infected cat. The nodule may open and drain and the surrounding lymph nodes may become swollen as well.

Sporotrichosis showing up at each lymph node

Sprotrichosis in infected human

Symptoms and types

Cutaneous sporotrichosis
  • Bumps, or lesions on the skin surface, swollen lymph glandsLesions often appear initially as wounds or abscesses mimicking wounds
  • Associated with fighting, wounds may be found on the head, lumbar region, or distal limbs
  • Previous trauma or puncture wound in the affected area is a variable finding
  • Poor response to previous antibacterial therapy
  • Combination of cutaneous and lymph form—usually an extension of the cutaneous form, which spreads via the lymphs, resulting in the formation of new nodules and draining tracts or crusts.
  • Lymphadenopathy (disease of the lymphs) is common

Disseminated sporotrichosis
  • Rare, occurs when the initial infection spreads into the body to a secondary location
  • Systemic signs of malaise and fever
  • Osteoarticular sporotrichosis occurs when the infection spreads into the bones and joints
  • Sporotrichosis meningitis occurs when the infection spreads into the nervous system and brainSymptoms include loss of appetite (anorexia), and weight loss (cachexia)

Pulmonary sporotrichosis
  • Occurs as a result of inhalation of Sporothrix schenckii sporesInfected animal is more at risk of developing pneumonia


The diagnosis of sporotrichosis is very straightforward in the cat. A large number of the Sporothrix organisms are usually present in the wound and draining fluid and they can be identified under a microscope.


Infected cats are treated with oral potassium iodide. Treatment usually lasts 4 to 8 weeks. Ketoconazole, and the more expensive itraconazole, are sometimes used as an alternative therapy. All of these compounds can be toxic to cats and are administered with caution and at lower doses than dogs.


Prevention consists of prompt treatment of all puncture wounds and minimizing cat fights by neutering cats and keeping them indoors.

**It is important to note that this is a zoonotic disease, meaning that it is communicable to humans and other animals, and proper precautions will need to be taken to prevent the spread of infection.

Sources: Sporotrichosis petmed.com, sporotrichosis in cat peteducation.com

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Ahmad Azamin said...

sakit nie...kalau kena...

Aina Meducci said...

Can say so, :)

Dev Arumugam said...

good job, since u know something, tell me how to treat sporo and what should be done if it does not respond to initial treatment :)
ps. where are u from?

Sweet Smile said...

assalam doc nak tanye..kalau manusia terkene jangkitan fungus ni ape ubat die eh?..minta tolong emel saya..ke zamir_mfz038@yahoo.com..sebab mak saya trkene cakaran kucing yg ade pyakit ni..so da 4 bulan makin teruk plak sy tengok..ape treatment yg boleh dibuat utk sembuhkan penyakit ni..risau saya..tq doc

Aina Meducci said...

I have already replied to your email. Please check it out.

fooltime shooters said...

ble info kat saya jika terjangkit dengan sporo ni saya macam was2 sebab saya ade bintik kecil pada tangan macam jerawat bila hilang tumbuh satu lagi dan pada kaki anak saya tapi nampak mcm dah kering so macam mana dan apa yang perlu saya buat jika terjangkit


me ^^ said...

Kucing saya kena penyakit ni.. dh x nampak rupa kucing dh, hidung dia... bhgn mata.. pipi belah kiri pon nampak tulang mcm fungus ni makan isi2 dia. Serba salah dibuatnya patut euthanize je ke atau tunggu masa.. sedih nye

Multipose said...

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Tony Randall said...

Salam Dr. I kindly hope you can contact me via my email

nur shuha said...

Assalamualakum doc...sy nak tanya contoh kucing saya kena panyakit ni but x serius so ade peluang nk sembuh ke? Sebab kena kt satu tempat je....and sy dh bgi mkn ubat & sapu...ade peluang nk sembuh ke? Please answer this question...shuhazzwie10@gmail.com

MissKy said...

Slm dr..kucing sy mengalami penyakit ini jgk..so whats should i do? Contact via email kyain2704@gmail.com..thank you

ANR said...

assalam Doctor,

kalau manusia terkena penyakit ni apa ubatnya. ibu saya mcm ada bisul pada ibu jari dia. sekarang dah naik 3 biji pulak. takut lambat lambat merebak ke tempat lain.

email saya: iqagileragurl@gmail.com

Noor Syafira said...

Assalamualaikum, ibu sy juga terkena jangkitan sporo ni. Apakah yg patut kami buat ye? Please reply..I need your advise.

Noor Syafira said...

assalam Doctor,

kalau manusia terkena penyakit ni apa ubatnya. ibu saya mcm ada bisul pada ibu jari dia. sekarang dah naik byk smpi ke lengan. My emai: noorsyafira89@gmail.com

gadis bunga said...

dr kucing saya kena sporro ..terok dah..dr vet nk PTS.Lepas tu sekor lg kena tp x terik sgt..ada peluang ke sbuh..utk kita sbg penjaga kucing tu apa tanda tanda kena jangkitan ni kpd kita..?gatal2 mata tu tanda nya juga ke?ke ada biji biji yg melepuh tu..yg biji biji tu x da kat saya.t q dr

Mohd Amin Abdullah said...

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Mohd Amin Abdullah said...

Sakit. Tersangat sakit. Saya dah kena.

Mohd Amin Abdullah said...

Saya ada ubatnya. Berbentuk cream.

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