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I created this blog as an instrument of what I have encountered in the world of veterinary medicine as a proud vet student. Comments and suggestions are welcome here at;


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Old times..

Somebody had asked me on facebook, my international reader (he is currently 1st year student of vet school somewhere around Egypt). His question was;

"Do you really like veterinary course?"

His question made me sit and ponder for a while. Why, of all this while somebody asked me this? I admit, everytime I woke up very early in the morning, I always remind myself how lucky I am to be in this life; A life I'd ever wanted more than anything even when I was a very little girl. At that time, I barely know about veterinary. Little Aina Meducci only knows "Doktor Haiwan" which means "Animal Doctor" in english. How naive I was!

We lived in the state of Johor, southernpart of Peninsular Malaysia that time. I was born in Kuala Lumpur but later on moved to Johor. I was raised with other kids whom simply pick up death cats on the street and buried it down nearby electric generator nearby our residential area. I had no idea that my noble action finally brought me in this course.

I always wanted to be 'animal doctor'. When my primary school teacher asked what is my ambition, I leaped out with joy! I wanted to be 'Doktor Haiwan'!! Sometimes, quite often my aunties teasing me about how do I bear to touch pigs and dogs (these animal is forbidden in Islam), and I simply replied.." If they sick and need treatment who's going to do that?" But now I realised, I have better explanation to backfire them hahaha

Anyway, Islam is not about to forbid everything. Recite the Holy Quran, it did mentioned that indeed we have ways to 'clean' after touching those animals. I was ashamed how those people whose are very narrow minded to judge this situation. Up until now, their mentality never seemto grow..

I wasn't a good student during primary school. I hate maths. Other subjects too.I never got good grades in my exams. I was prone to English. My family speaks Malay, let alone foreign languages. But when we moved back to Kuala Lumpur when I was 9, my new school friends spoke Malay with English slang. I was determined to learn English, and filled with jealousy when they brought Enid Blyton's book and able to speak english although not fluently. I begged my parents to buy one for me. From that moment, I started to learn english in a hard way. I also learn to listen to english songs, reading Nancy Drew's novel and talking to my dolls in english. Haha

I made my first trip overseas when I was 8. To Mecca, Saudi Arabia performing Umrah. Later on, we went to China, Indonesia, S'pore, Thailand, Pakistan, Europe and Saudi Arabia again. I love travelling!

My life turned into miracle soon after performing Hajj on 2004, when I was 14. I dont know why, my academical record shows an outstanding result by years, and I got good result in final year secondary school, and sent me to the matriculation college for one year in Perak. Another miracle came and saved my breath during the 1st sem!! Until now I am still wondering how I managed to survive in those cold, dark time of my life.

When my sem 2 result came, I straight away applied vet course. I remember putting UPM as my first choice and UMK on 2nd. But I wasn't sure weather I can get it, because my result is not very good to apply vet, but I tried it. I believe Allah knows the best for me, I have deep faith on Allah as I sat my foot on Tanah Haram to kneel and pray, years ago.

Allah had answered my pray! I got UMK vet! even though it was very far from Kuala Lumpur, but the passion has breached the border and finally brought me here. I thanked my parents and friends for their supports and I laid my hands about to say thank you to Allah, who truly understand my needs.

Now, as I am typing this to share my vet journey to you, I must carry on to this veterinary program that shaped of the road of my incredible life journey, and still hungry to learn more. For me, veterinary is not about easy or not to master, but is the matter of fact of how far do you love to learn about animals and how willing are you to take challenges. Enjoy the day as sun could have not set, and I'm sure that you will never regret of choosing veterinary as something you will have to deal with the rest of your life.

To Mak, abah, my brother and my little Qullip. I am here because of you. Keep on supporting :)

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Shakina Chu said...

tantan!! keep writing post like this to keep me motivated! :)

Aina Meducci said...

lol! will be, InsyaAllah :)

azreenashafiqah azmee said...

gud luck dear sis

Aina Meducci said...

thx :D

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